As said by Steve Boyley...
Lead, Lead, Lead, Pace, is the real way to use rapport skills.  Not "Pace, Pace, Pace, Lead".

Many make the mistake of spending more time pacing other people's moods, than they do being in the mood they would like to be in. Other people might not be in a mood that's appropriate to pace.

People are often easily affected by the moods and intonations of the people around them.  Whoever is in control of their mood and voice tone, generally leads others into that mood.  So lead by going into the mood you want people around you to be in, and watch to see that they are joining you.  Then pace them a moment and from there, begin leading them again.

When you spending more time leading and let others pace you, it's easy to get them into your mood. Once everyone is in an appropriate state of comfortable rapport, they lead and pace each other.


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